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May 24, 2011

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced The Family Act of 2011, S 965 to the U.S. Senate just 2 weeks ago.  This bill will provide a tax credit to offset the high costs of some infertility treatment for those trying to have a family. There is a significant financial burden associated with  infertility because of the lack of insurance coverage.   This bill would help thousands of people diagnosed with infertility overcome the financial burdens of family building. 

According to RESOLVE, they are now working to secure Senate co-sponsors for this legislation.  This does not happen unless members of Congress hear from their constituents. A letter from you to your Senators is critical.

What YOU can do

May 17, 2011

I was 39 when my husband and I married. We had tried for many months to get pregnant, and finally sought infertility treatment from Kaiser.  Three miscarriages followed, and we decided to stop treatment. Shortly after that, much to our amazement, a month-long vacation in Indonesia turned out to be the fertility treatment we needed I was 41, and the amniocentesis said all was well.  Our son, all 10.5 pounds of him, was born in 1999, when I was 42. 

May 09, 2011

I was born in the Lower East side of New York City, my father’s hometown, to quite young parents. At six months of age, we moved to Paris, my mother’s hometown, and I played in the streets and parks of Paris until I was 9.  I spent every Wednesday with my maternal grandmother (schools were in session Saturday to Tuesday, and Thursday to Sat), often spending hours in the Bois de Boulogne (a park along the western edge of Paris).  We spent quite a few summers in the South of France where we would raise small chicks and rabbits, which became dinner at the end of our vacation.  I am the oldest of five children. 

My parents later divorced, and my father moved all 5 of us children to the States.  First, we lived in Washington DC, where I attended the French school for one year, and then soon enrolled in the local parochial school.  My childhood included ballet lessons, camping trips, art projects, and lots of neighborhood adventures with my best friend Lucia.

April 25, 2011

Advances in research & development bring a deeper understanding of infertility:

Modern fertility science is changing treatment, enabling better pregnancy rates.  A healthy child for every person suffering from fertility problems remains Pacific Fertility Center’s goal.  Through a better understanding of the egg and embryo we are  closer to delivering on that promise of one healthy baby at a time.

The problem of the aging egg:

The aging egg remains a very basic problem in fertility.  As a woman ages, her eggs do not work as well, resulting in embryos that do not develop or implant.  Mistakes in early cell division, chromosomes, and development become common.  With an aging egg, pregnancy rates are lower and miscarriage risk higher.

March 22, 2011

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I have been a transplant to the Bay Area ever since starting graduate school in 1996. I remained in the area for the fabulous professional opportunities. It was here I met my husband and now am also blessed with a son. I have always had a deep appreciation and love of nature. Living in the Bay Area has allowed me to nurture this passion in the form of surfing, sailing and most recently snowshoeing.