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To support my daughter / niece / granddaughter, I would like to pay for her egg freezing. What is the payment process in a case like this?
Pacific Fertility Center can accept credit cards, checks, or cash from any guarantor.

My daughter / niece / granddaughter cannot afford this procedure. A group of family members would like to contribute to help her. How would we do that as a group?

It would be best to have one member of the family collect the funds and have that one guarantor make the payment

Can you recommend how to approach my daughter / niece / granddaughter about the topic of egg freezing?

If your daughter / niece / granddaughter is age appropriate for egg freezing, we recommend gently asking whether she has ever considered having a family in the future. If she does desire future motherhood, and has no immediate plans to become a mother, you might tell her what you’ve learned about egg freezing. For example, you can say that it is a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of infertility with age.

If you are still uncomfortable with broaching the subject, you might consider speaking to our marriage and family therapist for her counsel and recommendations.

Can you recommend how to approach my daughter / niece / granddaughter about my willingness to pay for her egg freezing?

If your family member is interested in finding out more about egg freezing, please guide her to this website. We recommend a verbal offer of financial assistance in the context of the conversation, rather than a surprise gift, which might not be as well received as you had hoped.

I want to pay for my family member’s egg freezing, but I’d like to learn more first. Can you tell me the pros and cons of egg freezing so I can make an educated decision?

The obvious advantage is the risk reduction of age-related infertility. This becomes more urgent if your family member is 35 or older. Even very young women may benefit, especially if they are embarking on a long course of education or career that may make motherhood more difficult for several years.

One disadvantage could be that she might never need to use the frozen eggs if she becomes married relatively soon and decides the time is right to become pregnant. Still, for some, the reassurance of having frozen eggs may outweigh this disadvantage.

To learn more, you can attend one of Pacific Fertility Center’s webinars on egg freezing.

How can I support my daughter / niece / granddaughter?

Even if financial support is not possible, or not needed or desired, emotional support in terms of active listening can be very helpful. Allowing your family member to make her own decisions regarding her future fertility is an affirming process.

Posted on June 30th, 2018

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