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Updates from the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Conference - Protecting Babies from Zika
In mid-March, reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, and other fertility experts met in Palm Springs for the 66th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS). Here is a brief overview of a few topics covered by presenters at the meeting. Protecting Babies from Zika...
PCRS Update: Developing Safe Techniques for Uterus Transplants
A woman who was born without a uterus gave birth to a baby last year, thanks to a uterus transplant—the first of its kind in the U.S., where a handful of programs are conducting experimental uterine transplants.1 Surgeons are working to perfect their techniques—to ensure they are safe, ethical, and efficient—in the hopes of making motherhood a reality for women who may have never dreamed it could be possible for them.
PCRS Update: How Microfluidics May Improve Sperm Selection
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” may best be remembered as Dory’s mantra. But it’s also likely echoed by millions of couples that are dealing with male factor infertility. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the male partner is either the sole or a contributing cause in 4 of 10 cases of infertility.
PCRS Update: 3D Printed Ovary: Successes in Mice
With the ability to create artificial organs that function and restore health, bioengineering has entered a “wow” era. Among those leading this field is a team of researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago, including assistant professor Monica M. Laronda, PhD, who recently presented research results on this topic at the PCRS Annual Meeting.
Frozen Embryo Results in a Successful Birth after 24 Years
It’s not every day that a woman gives birth to a baby conceived within a year of her own conception. On November 25, 2017, Emma Wren Gibson’s delivery became a world record—a healthy birth from the longest known frozen embryo, originally cryopreserved in 1992.1
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