Visit Pacific Fertility Center » Volume 14, Issue 2 | May 2016
PCRS Annual Meeting - Success with eSET
Providing new data on the hazards of transferring two or more embryos after IVF, researchers at Pacific Fertility Center report that transferring two or more embryos results in a high rate of multiple gestation with a significant increase in the risk of preterm delivery.
PCRS Annual Meeting - Day 7 Embryos
Pacific Fertility Center staff presented their research findings on pregnancy from embryos that have been cultured to Day 7 (D7). One of the first to focus on the number of chromosome sets and implantation rate of D7 embryos, the study provides the largest data set available on pregnancy outcomes after transfer of D7 blastocysts. This is PFC’s second paper on D7 embryos—and one of only a few in the literature, said senior author, Philip Chenette, MD.
New SART Reporting Sheds Light on the Meaning of Success
The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) reported that 65,175 live births resulted from fertility procedures in 2014—up from 63,286 the year before. SART has tracked and produced annual reports like these on the fertility industry since the mid-1980s. But starting with 2014 data, it redesigned the structure of its reporting, providing patients and health care professionals with new and more detailed information.
What to Know About Carrier Screening
At Pacific Fertility Center, we are committed to providing our patients all the information they need to make informed choices and to have the very best chance of delivering one healthy baby at a time. One way we do this is by offering both our patients and donors carrier screening. Why is it important?
A Gift from the Womb
It has been assumed that the uterine or maternal environment provides nutritional support to the growing and developing embryo and fetus, but not genetic information. Now some scientific information is breaking this original dogma, and suggesting that the uterus may also contribute genetic material which can determine the overall health of the embryo.
Dr. Chenette Receives Teaching Award
Pacific Fertility Center is passionate about giving back to the community. Part of our community is the educational resources of our universities, and we are pleased to support those educational institutions. Fertility treatment developed from a long series of research discoveries and innovations over the past 30 years. Many of these discoveries and innovations came from our own labs...
New Patient Seminar & Webinar
PFC offers complimentary monthly educational seminars & webinars hosted by our infertility specialists.
Wednesday, July 13 & Thursday, September 8
Fertility Preservation Webinar
PFC now offers complimentary fertility preservation educational webinars hosted by our infertility specialists.
Thursday, May 26 & Thursday, July 21
Mind/Body Workshop
Workshops are taught by Pacific Fertility Center's Marriage and Family Therapist, Peggy Orlin, MFT, and Certified Yoga Instructor, Lauri Black, who is also PFC’s Certified Genetic Counselor.
Saturday, June 4