Visit Pacific Fertility Center » Volume 15, Issue 3 | September 2017
Pacific Fertility Egg Bank Celebrates its 5th Anniversary
This past August marked the 5th anniversary of the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank (PFEB). Today, as always, our vision remains that of broadening access and options for patients who want to expand their families by using donor eggs. To that end, last year we transitioned our program away from offering a guarantee of two Day-3 embryos to a guarantee of two cryopreserved blastocyst embryos. This helps maximize the chance of pregnancy success, and it is one of the most compelling guarantees for intended parents looking to use frozen donor eggs.
AMA Supports Disease Designation for Infertility
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infertility is not simply an inconvenience. It should be viewed as a disease of the reproductive system. In June, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) authored a resolution supporting this perspective. It was joined by another influential organization, the American Medical Association (AMA) when delegates at the AMA Annual Meeting voted to adopt the designation of infertility as a disease.1
PFC’s Laboratory Director Lectures in Brazil
In August I was invited to attend and speak at the Brazilian Congress for Reproductive Medicine in Saõ Paulo. This is an intense multi-day conference for medical and laboratory professionals in Brazil and other South American countries where the latest advances in reproductive technologies are presented.
Reassuring Developmental Results for Children Born after ART
Compared with children born after natural conception—where no assistance is needed to become pregnant—how healthy are children conceived after the help of assisted reproductive technologies (ART)? What about long-term intellectual, language, and motor development? Until recently, those outcomes were not entirely clear.
Egg Freezing Webinar
PFC offers complimentary egg freezing educational webinars hosted by our fertility specialists.
Thursday, September 28
Fertility Seminar & Webinar
PFC offers complimentary monthly educational seminars & webinars hosted by our infertility specialists.
Wednesday, November 8
Mind-Body Infertility Support Session
Workshops are taught by Pacific Fertility Center's Marriage and Family Therapist, Peggy Orlin, MFT, and Lauri Black, 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and our Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor.