Glossary of Terms

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Saline Sonogram

See "Hysterosonogram.”

Selective Reduction

Also known as "multiple pregnancy reduction.” A procedure that is performed to reduce a high order multiple pregnancies such as triplets, to twins or singleton. It is a relatively simple procedure with minimal risk of losing a whole pregnancy.

Semen Analysis

A test to check for sperm quantity and quality. A sperm sample collected by masturbation after three days of abstinence is used for the test.

Single Embryo Transfer, also known as “elective single embryo transfer”

The elective choice to transfer only a single embryo to the uterus at the time of IVF embryo transfer or a frozen embryo transfer. Ideal candidates for elective single embryo transfer are patients less than 35 years of age, patients using donor egg embryos or patients with known chromosomally normal embryos from pre-implantation genetic screening. 

Spontaneous Abortion

A naturally occurring miscarriage caused by complications such as a genetically abnormal fetus, or an empty sac. Often a doctor will need to perform a minor procedure—called a dilation and curettage (D&C)—when this type of miscarriage occurs, in order to scrape clean the uterine cavity of remnant tissue and to stop the bleeding.


A nasal spray medication that can be used instead of Lupron to prevent premature ovulation during an IVF cycle (see also "GnRH agonist" and "Lupron").