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June 16, 2014

As we approach the 5th decade of the use of in vitro fertilization technology for the treatment of infertility as well as the 4th decade of the use of this technology for the prevention of serious genetic diseases in offspring, we continue to face new scientific frontiers fraught with ethical challenges. One of the latest issues under serious discussion is whether or not we should attempt to manipulate intra-cellular DNA in human eggs.


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July 08, 2014

This is a book written by a non-medical writer who was also a former infertility patient. It was published only this year and is available in paperback. As with most books about infertility, there are good points and bad points. On the whole, however, it is very readable and to the author’s credit, she does give extensive references to back up most of the statements made.

The chapter “Understanding Egg Quality” is excellent and gives the reader good insight into why fertility declines with age and why most embryos do not implant: it is almost always about the egg and about the high proportion of human eggs that have chromosomal abnormalities.



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Family Planning Seminar for Women of the LGBTQ Community

Date & Time

5:45pm - 8:30pm


PFC's Education Center
55 Francisco St. 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA


Pacific Fertility Center (PFC), in partnership with Swirl Radio, is proud to offer an educational seminar specifically designed to educate women of the LGBTQ community about fertility options and creating their family. This seminar, hosted by a panel of specialists, will provide the opportunity...