Success at PFC

“Like us, anyone who has come out the other side of infertility gains a sense of their strength, endurance and resolve.”

At Pacific Fertility Center, we’re proud to consider success from many different angles. Our goal is more healthy families – and we’ve helped build many – but we also celebrate the small wins along the way, the ways in which our intended parents learn and grow throughout their journeys.

How We Define Success at PFC

  1. A strong reputation in our community and the fertility care world at large.
  2. IVF success rates that are consistently high and fully transparent.
  3. Honest patient testimonials that reflect our commitment to individual care and family-building goals.
  4. Offering the most progressive fertility treatment options to meet the needs of more patients.
  5. Ongoing assessment of our processes to elevate patient experiences.

IVF Success Rates & Fertility Statistics

Our In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) success rates at PFC can be attributed to our status as a leader in the field of clinical infertility, embryology research, laboratory methodology, highly trained staff, and a solid investment in state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves on not only keeping up with the latest science in our field, but being innovators and early adopters of the best that technology has to offer.

View our most recent success rates, as reported to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies SART and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC.

  • "Ultimately my goals were met, but it was the journey through infertility that has brought light and clarity into my life."

    - Jennifer

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