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Our team is proud of the fact that we have helped so many LGBTQ+ patients have children through IVF with donor sperm, donor eggs, and gestational carriers. An equally important measure of our success, however, is having created an environment where all feel welcome and heard.

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  • “This place helped us achieve our pregnancy and it was beyond exceptional! Being a lesbian couple we had to jump a bit of Hoops in order to get everything squared away with sperm donation as well as ovulation Cycles Etc but with the help of Pacific Reproductive Services we were able to glide through the needed steps in order to achieve pregnancy the first time around. They even stayed in contact with us during the first trimester! We are more than happy with our first experience here and we'll be seeing them again for a second go- round.”

    — Kaelyn C.


  • Due to the very personal nature of selecting a sperm donor that is right for you, PFC is unable to advise upon which donor or bank to use. However, it is recommended that you find a bank with which you are happy first, and then find a donor within that bank. The sperm bank should be within the US and needs to be inspected and licensed by the US FDA. Your care team will share our Donor Sperm Informational Packet to guide you through the donor selection step of your care journey.

    Fresh donor eggs are available through our Egg Donor Agency and frozen donor eggs are available through the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank. A fresh egg donation cycle allows patients to experience the cycle simultaneously with the donor. In a frozen donor egg cycle, egg donors are stimulated, and all mature eggs are vitrified (frozen) before the donor is added to the database.

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