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Since 1999, the acclaimed fertility specialists at Pacific Fertility Center have been dedicated to providing top of the line fertility treatment for our patients. We've helped countless couples and patients, from Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area, nationally, and internationally, achieve their dreams of parenthood. On this page you will find some fertility reviews and stories about their experience with PFC on their journey to parenthood. We hope that these stories uplift and inspire you as you think about your own journey.

We deeply value our patient testimonials, stories and reviews about Pacific Fertility Center. Their generous contributions help us improve our practice and inspire others in the process. To share your story or review of our fertility center, please contact us.

The miracle of pregnancy

I have gained a profound sense of wonderment about the entire miracle of pregnancy.”

"After several trying months of unexpected delays and barriers, we upped our odds with [medication] and conceived our amazing daughter, Hannah. I remember that my first thought, after the nine days of shots, the trips to the City for ultrasounds, the anxious OPK readings, and the agonizing two-week wait, was that it had been ridiculously easy. That was five years ago. We have a son on the way now. I can feel him squirming around in there, poking at my bladder as I write this. We suffered many losses and deep disappointments to get to this point, and I have three sharps containers full of needles to prove it.

I can't imagine what it must be like for women who breeze through conception and pregnancy, but I know I have benefited from the difficulty of my experience. I have gained a profound sense of wonderment about the entire miracle of pregnancy. I have an appreciation for the life I've brought into this world, and the one on its way, that I could never have found with any other path. I have developed a depth of sensitivity for those struggling to do what comes so easily to others that has enabled me to support them in a way I could never otherwise have done..." - Lauren
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Insight from another patient

"I can't say enough about the caring and responsive team at PFC. From the administrative support staff, to the financial/accounting staff, to the training crew, to the nurses, to the doctors, everyone took great care in addressing our individual concerns. I also sought Dr. Givens' attention in asking her to put me in touch with a patient who had successfully conceived through ART. I was in constant contact with this patient throughout my cycles and her insight was invaluable. She helped me understand the journey to pregnancy and gave me emotional support..." - Felicia (Names were changed at the author's request.)
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State-of-the-art technology

"I appreciate the care Dr. Isabelle Ryan provided. I liked her a lot and I have heard nothing but good things about all the PFC doctors. Dr. Ryan knows what she's doing and was able to explain all the options available to us. Joe Conaghan, the lab director, was spectacular. He was able to find sperm in a sample that our local doctors could not. Being from a rural area, we didn't have local access to PFC's level of care and state-of-the-art technology. I absolutely trust PFC and have recommended them to others. If we decide to have another child, we will definitely come back. We love our little baby girl so much and every day is a new adventure. We can't imagine our lives without her!" - Susie & Steven D.
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The journey through infertility

"Conceiving my second daughter, however, proved more challenging, but was accomplished through IVF three years later. Even though I had tried IUI again and had produced many follicles, my IVF cycle revealed that the quality of my eggs was inferior. Dr. Herbert had the unhappy task of relating this distressing news to us during my embryo transfer, but he did so with tremendous grace and kindness. I have the utmost trust and confidence in Dr. Herbert and I feel blessed that he gave us the opportunity to conceive. Despite the quality of my embryos, we beat the odds and I conceived anyway. Yahoo!

Ultimately my goals were met, but it was the journey through infertility that has brought light and clarity into my life. With the help of my amazing doctor and with nurses like Ann McGovern (to whom I cried countless times), the laborious process of conceiving against the odds was made easier by their warmth and encouragement. I don't know if it ever got "easier" being met with my period after each month's unsuccessful attempt, however. By far the most searing memory, beyond all the shots and ultrasounds, was news, from what seemed like every woman on the planet, of other people's pregnancies. And not only were they pregnant, but, their pregnancies were achieved unaided and on their first try. Of course!..." - Jennifer
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The value of patience

"Our baby girl is now 6 weeks old. Difficult as it was, I feel blessed to have gone through what we went through to have her. It taught me the value of patience, and the hard lesson that we don't always get to have what we want when we want it. It has also allowed me to be more kind to myself, which helps me be more in the moment with my baby. Most importantly, I learned that sometimes you need to take steps back to move forward, and that all steps, no matter how small, are still steps in the right direction. Now that's something even our baby girl will appreciate!" - RLS
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Never give up

"Our prayers were answered! We are now 30 weeks pregnant and additional testing done via amniocentesis has confirmed all of the PGD/aneuploidy test results. My husband, daughter and I are all eagerly awaiting the birth of our second daughter in early February.

I hope that our story helps those out there who may have felt any of the things we experienced in our journey to create a family. I learned not only to "never give up" on a dream, but that being cared for by someone like Dr. Givens is the only way for such a dream to become a reality." - Anonymous
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We're totally in love

"After so many miscarriages, it took a long time for me to believe that I was really going to have a baby. My wife and I held ourselves distant from the pregnancy well into the second trimester; it was hard to let ourselves feel hopeful. But the weeks kept passing and I stayed pregnant. And after reality finally hit, I loved being pregnant. I felt healthy and beautiful, even after my feet swelled up, even after I had grown out of most of my maternity clothes. After our long process to get pregnant, the pregnancy flew by, and on August 2, 2012, our daughter Georgia was born at Kaiser Oakland. She is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen.

I'm so thankful I chose IVF and that I did it at PFC. I truly believe that PFC is right on the leading edge of fertility techniques, and that we benefitted directly from that. The process is expensive; there's no getting around it. But I feel that the money we spent was money well spent. As I write this, my seven-week old daughter is gazing at me from her swing; she is grunting and making baby noises (she's either interacting or working on a bowel movement--it's unclear which), and we're totally in love. We are so grateful to everyone at PFC for helping us to create our family." - T.M.R
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