Egg Freezing

Preserve Your Options as Life Keeps Moving

The decision to freeze your eggs starts here: you’re not ready or able to have children now, and you want the option to have them in the future. As life moves forward, you can preserve your fertility to optimize your chances for a successful pregnancy later.

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Should I freeze my eggs?

Egg freezing allows you to delay conception, leaving more time to pursue an advanced education, grow your career, or focus on personal goals. Egg freezing is also an option for women undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy, which can impact your fertility.

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Freezing your eggs earlier in life has a key advantage — research shows that younger eggs lead to more successful IVF outcomes when you’re older.

  • Women in their earlier reproductive years tend to yield a greater quantity of high-quality eggs, enhancing the likelihood of successful conception in the future. The advantages of early egg freezing become more pronounced with the passage of time, making it a valuable option for those considering delaying their family-building plans.

 The Egg Freezing Process

For a step-by-step overview of the process, we encourage you to download our egg freezing guide. This resource offers valuable insights and will help you understand each stage of the journey. If you wish to book an egg freezing consultation, one of our physicians will go more in-depth on the procedure and timeline, answering any questions you may have along the way.

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The Costs of Egg Freezing

The cost of egg freezing at Pacific Fertility Center depends on the number of cycles necessary to meet your personal goals, as well as insurance coverage. Please contact our clinic for more detailed information on pricing.

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Trust the Bay Area’s Egg Freezing Pioneers

Pacific Fertility Center was one of the first groups to offer egg freezing care in Northern California. Our team developed techniques of embryo vitrification for use with eggs, and has taught these techniques to many other groups. Book a consultation to learn more about how we can help you preserve your fertility.

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