Male Fertility

Male Infertility Treatment at Pacific Fertility Center

Perhaps because the woman carries the baby, we often consider infertility solely a female problem. In fact, up to 50% of all infertility cases involve the male partner.

If male fertility issues are suspected based on the results of a semen analysis, we may refer him to a male fertility specialist or an andrologist, who specializes in male reproductive problems. Just as reproductive endocrinologists are gynecologists sub-specialized in treating female infertility, andrologists are urologists specially trained to treat male infertility. PFC works closely with the following male fertility specialists in Northern California:

Male Fertility Evaluation

As with female infertility, there are several treatments to successfully address various male infertility diagnoses. When recommending a given male fertility treatment option, we consider three important factors:

  • Cause of infertility, if identifiable
  • Severity of the sperm abnormality
  • Age of the female partner

Because male infertility may require months of treatment, any treatment plan will consider the age of the female partner, as this is a crucial element in fertility success.

The male fertility evaluation will include a sperm count, and usually a panel of hormone blood tests, a physical and urogenital examination, and possibly genetic tests and/or sperm function testing.

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Fertility Treatment Options

  • In cases where the patient has a low sperm count or diminished motility, a urologist may prescribe Clomid, an infertility pill commonly used to treat ovulation issues in women. For men, Clomid can stimulate the hormones responsible for sperm production. Sperm counts are re-analyzed 3-6 months after the medication is started to evaluate any improvement in sperm production.

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