International Fertility Care

IVF and Fertility Care Abroad at PFC

Pacific Fertility Center is sought after, not only in the Bay Area and in California, but throughout the United States and abroad. Patients travel to our clinic from such locations as France, Germany, Yugoslavia, England, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Philippines, and Japan. We are able to successfully accommodate our international patients by maintaining a solid network of fellow providers who help to facilitate communication, treatment plans and the range of logistics involved in this process.

We understand that distance as well as a different language and culture can add to the stress of treatment. Our entire staff is committed to welcoming patients and families to our San Francisco fertility clinic and making their stay here easy and comfortable.

Patients stay close to home for as long as possible

Our reproductive endocrinologists and nurses coordinate with our patient's doctor at home, so that some fertility testing and monitoring can take place at a fertility clinic near home. When it comes time to transition to our clinic in San Francisco, we work closely with patients and providers to arrange travel, manage treatment and ensure good communication. This type of organization can reduce a patient's stay at our San Francisco Clinic to only a 10 to 14 day visit for treatments such as IVF.

International Fertility Center, Japan

An independent affiliate of PFC, the International Fertility Center (IFC) provides a variety of helpful services to Japanese patients who seek medical fertility treatments in the United States. IFC's staff helps to arrange initial appointments, provide travel advice and arrangements, provide translation services and accompany visiting patients to all appointments at Pacific Fertility Center. In the case of patient needing egg donation services, IFC can help to arrange for Japanese egg donors.

For more information on IFC, visit their website.

Patient resources

We have provided a listing of accommodations near our San Francisco clinic. Please contact PFC with any questions or assistance in securing a hotel. Find a nearby hotel here.

Translation services

If a patient needs a translator, our New Patient Coordinators are happy to provide patients with a list of approved medical translation services. Contact our New Patient Coordinators here.

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