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Fertility Costs: Financing & Fees

Financial Plan Pricing

The decision to have a baby is the first step in a lifelong commitment of love, time, and financial resources. At Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) we understand the long-term implications of your decision and wish to help ease the financial burden from the beginning. Our attention to quality, coupled with innovations in the treatment of infertility, has led to our excellent pregnancy rates.

The financial team at Pacific Fertility Center are available to explain and assist you with insurance benefits and the financial aspects of fertility treatment.

We have designed several IVF financial plans so you do not have to choose between high quality care and cost when selecting an IVF center. Our different pricing plans attempt to meet the needs of a variety of individuals.

IVF Single Cycle Plan
Single Cycles from $11,595*

Pricing for this plan starts at $11,595 when using the prospective parent's own eggs. The cost will vary based on whether an egg donor or gestational carrier is required and whether medical criteria is met.

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IVF Refund Plan
Refunds Between 70-80%*

Our IVF refund plans offer between 70-80% refunds if a first trimester pregnancy does not occur. The fees and refunds available in this plan are based upon the age of the prospective parent and other medical criteria.

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Those seeking IVF treatment who do not have health care coverage or another benefit plan providing payment for these services, may qualify for the IVF Single Cycle Plan or IVF Refund Plan. PFC's physicians and financial counselors will guide you through the process of selecting the financial option most appropriate for you.

Conscious of the necessity for cost containment and quality care, our physicians have eliminated tests and treatment modalities that lack a scientific basis and impose unnecessary medical and financial risks to patients. If a patient has already had testing with their primary care doctor, or OBGYN, prior to coming to PFC, it is unlikely that we will need to repeat the tests.

From time to time, we have ongoing clinical research studies that may help to reduce the cost of IVF treatment.

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*Please note that these are general pricing guidelines. Medical criteria must be met, and additional services may be required. After reading our website and fertility reviews, we encourage you to call us to discuss your individual situation.