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A Moving Fertility Patients' Story

Hear Erica and Matt share their fertility story. Their genuine openness about the joys and frustrations of trying to build their family are inspiring.

Dr. Herbert Discusses Secondary Infertility on CBS News

Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) at Pacific Fertility Center

Dr. Philip Chenette discusses Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) at Pacific Fertility Center. CCS is an option for patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is a treatment for women that wish to improve implantation rates, reduce miscarriage rates, and reduce the risk of multiples after IVF. This is one of the truly exciting technologies at Pacific Fertility Center. Please see the following graphs on success rates using CCS here.

Dr. Ryan Explains the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank

Dr. Ryan discusses an exciting new option for patients who need to use donor eggs to create or expand their family.

PFC's International Patient Video

Pacific Fertility Center's Dr. Herbert and staff extend a warm welcome to our International Patients. Join us for a tour of our clinic and lab, and an introduction to some of the team members that you will meet when you arrive!

Fertility Preservation Explained by a Leading Fertility Physician

Pacific Fertility Center is providing women with new options for reproductive planning using fertility preservation. This allows them to take charge of their biological clock and preserve their younger, healthier eggs for later use. The implications of this exciting technology enable women to avoid the time pressure of fertility decline with age. Fertility preservation has been in the mainstream news recently with many Hollywood stars choosing to freeze their eggs and with pop culture TV shows discussing fertility preservation in their shows. This social phenomenon is here to stay. Dr. Philip Chenette explains more in this video.

PFC on BBC's Health Check TV

Jonathan Stewart of the BBC reports on how assisted reproductive technologies have become more sophisticated and advanced. He interviews PFC's Dr. Philip Chenette and Joseph Conaghan, PhD. Also included is a patient's self-described journey with Fertility Preservation.

New Technologies Announced at PFC

Dr. Joseph Conaghan discusses new cutting edge technologies at Pacific Fertility Center (PFC). These technologies align with PFC's mission to help families have one healthy baby at a time. Dr. Conaghan discusses Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS), Time-Lapse Imaging of Embryos, Fertility Preservation, and PFC's new Frozen Donor Egg Bank.

Mark and Marana's Fertility Story

Todd and Anne's Fertility Story