2006 IVF Pregnancy Rates

Posted on February 27, 2007 by Inception Fertility

Pacific Fertility Center Team Left to Right: Front: Philip Chenette, MD, Isabelle Ryan, MD, Carolyn Givens, MD Back: Joe Conaghan, PhD, Carl Herbert, MD, Eldon Schriock, MD 2006 IVF Pregnancy Rates**2006 Highlights: • Pregnancy Rates with Day 5 (Blastocyst Transfers) – Selecting day 5 (blastocyst) fresh embryo transfers, we achieved a 59% pregnancy rate per transfer for women under age 35 using their own oocytes. As remarkably we achieved a 49% pregnancy rate per transfer for all women under age 43 using their own eggs. • Outstanding Oocyte Donation Pregnancy Rates – Oocyte donation pregnancy rates are one of the best indicators of an outstanding IVF laboratory. Last year we achieved a 73% pregnancy rate per transfer for fresh day 5 transfers in women using donated oocytes. As not all donor oocyte recipients used a day 5 transfer, the combined pregnancy rate for all Day 3 or Day 5 fresh embryo transfers was an outstanding 66%. Notes on Pacific Fertility Center statistics: 1. Pacific Fertility Center does not restrict IVF to only those patients most likely to succeed, (a practice which often leads to higher pregnancy rates). Our less restrictive approach is confirmed by our high percentage of Decreased Ovarian Reserve, DOR (a basal FSH level of 10 mIU/mL or higher). As reported by SART/CDC in 2005, 24% of PFC patients were diagnosed with DOR. 2. PFC performs a substantial volume of IVF and oocyte donor cycles. This allows for better statistical accuracy of our data, (the fewer number of patients - the less statistically significant the rates become). We feel it keeps all of us well attuned to the practice of ART. 3.** Although we individualize treatment to each patient's diagnosis and prognosis, our goal is to adhere to ASRM guidelines on the maximum number of embryos to transfer, in order to lower the risk of high order multiples.

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