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Posted on March 19, 2010 by Inception Fertility

Since November 2007, the Acupuncture Group at Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) has been treating patients on-site who have been undergoing IUI, IVF and other assisted reproductive therapies. Since its inception,

the Group has grown to six practitioners and has treated well-over 200 patients. Many PFC patients take advantage of the Group's STAR package, which includes an initial visit, 16 follow-up treatments, and treatments on the day of the patient's IVF transfer. With over a year under its belt, the Group wanted to catch up with Beverly, the first patient to start and complete the STAR package at PFC. Beverly was kind enough to share her story with patients who are thinking about adding acupuncture to their fertility treatment program. Beverly is 44 years old. She did not get pregnant on her first IVF cycle and was waiting to do a frozen embryo transfer. She had significant stress at work, and her physician at PFC (Dr. Givens) recommended that she try acupuncture in the month leading up to her transfer. We asked Beverly a few questions about her experience, and these were her responses: \[Acupuncturist\]: In your own words, how would you describe your experience with acupuncture at PFC? \[Beverly\]: The days I went for acupuncture were the best days of the week for me. The treatments were peaceful and relaxing. I tell everyone they should try acupuncture, not only for fertility issues, but for general stress relief as well. \[Acupuncturist\]: What made you decide to do acupuncture with your IVF cycle? \[Beverly\]: My first IUI and IVF treatments were unsuccessful. With my three remaining embryos, we planned to do just one more round of IVF. With that in mind, I wanted to do everything possible to make it successful. I had always been interested in acupuncture but until starting at PFC, I hadn't known that it was commonly used to treat infertility. With the added convenience of being able to do the treatments right at PFC, it seemed like the perfect arrangement for me. \[Acupuncturist\]: How did you benefit from acupuncture while you were going through your cycle? \[Beverly\]: I started acupuncture prior to the last cycle, and I felt that it increased my circulation. On transfer day, the treatments relaxed me as they usually did. And after the transfer, they made me feel as though I was doing something special for our three little embryos. Going into the second (and last) IVF cycle, I wanted to keep both body and mind in a positive state, and the acupuncture combined with taking a lot of time off from work after the transfer helped me do that. \[Acupuncturist\]: What was the outcome of your cycle and how are you doing now? \[Beverly\]: The second IVF cycle resulted in a pregnancy and our daughter was born in October 2008. I continued acupuncture treatments once a month throughout the pregnancy to balance stress, relieve numbness in my fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. \[Acupuncturist\]: What would you say to anyone who was thinking of using acupuncture as a complimentary therapy with fertility treatments? \[Beverly\]: Every day I look at my daughter and am amazed that she is here. We often look at the microscopic image of the three embryos from our second round of IVF and wonder which one she is. When I put her to bed, I tell her the story of how she came to be. Some day she'll understand it, and for now, it's a reminder to myself that she is truly a miracle baby, and I'm happy I did everything I could, including the acupuncture, to bring her into the world. Acupuncture treatments are available seven days per week on site. To book your first appointment or to schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation, call 888-834-3095. The above patient's story is based upon one's personal experiences. Results may vary for other patients.

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