Acupuncturist Visits PFC

Posted on March 21, 2007 by Inception Fertility

From time to time, PFC has visitors to the Center wishing to learn more about the field of infertility. We have had medical students from UCSF, visiting reproductive endocrinologists from Europe, and most recently, an acupuncturist studying for her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Heidi Kao is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in San Francisco and a student at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of only 8 colleges accredited to award a doctoral degree in the U.S. She is also involved in teaching other TCM students at the college. Her private practice is specialized in women's health and chronic pain management, as well as an entire range of ailments. She is now interested in learning more about the Western medical approaches to infertility to better serve her infertility patients. Heidi is spending a minimum of 12 hours per month at PFC, working primarily with Dr. Givens. She is observing everything from initial consultations to ultrasound monitoring and inseminations as well as all the in vitro fertilization procedures performed at the Center. She is also spending time in the IVF laboratory, familiarizing herself with the behind-the-scenes activity of the lab. We are also learning from Heidi. She is providing literature on the practices of TCM with regards to improving fertility. She has developed a survey for the Center in order that we might know more about how many of our patients are using complementary TCM in conjunction with their fertility treatments here. She is also involved in demonstrating her practices to the staff at the Center. Please welcome Heidi if you see her around the office during the next few months. Carolyn Givens, MD

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