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Dr. Herbert Published in Japanese Newspaper and his future trip to present in Japan

PFC's Dr. Herbert was interviewed and published in Mainichi newspaper, a Japanese newspaper. The article was written as part of a series called "Extending Warm Hands," featuring news from "the most advanced country."

The caption of the photo says "Dr. Herbert speaks about reproductive medicine in his office, surrounded by art objects depicting the birth of human lives."

In addition, Dr. Herbert was invited as a special guest speaker at Japan Society for Ova Research (JSOR) to be held on May 17, 2014, in Kobe, Japan. The Chairman of the conference is Dr. Shibahara, Professor at Hyogo Medical School.

Dr. Herbert was also invited to speak at a special conference in the Tokyo/Saitama area on May 19. 2014. This conference was planned by Dr. Kashiwazaki of Saitama, specifically for Dr. Herbert’s presentation only. Just to hear Dr. Herbert speak about current ART options that Pacific Fertility Center offers, hundreds of IVF physicians are planning to attend. Dr. Herbert’s presentation is titled ‘Innovations in Managing Infertility for Patients with Advanced Maternal Age.' In the Society that neither ovum donor program or PGD/CCS are allowed as common options, Dr. Herbert’s presentation will no doubt make a difference in understanding of these valuable options to women of advanced age who wish to build a healthy family.

On May 15, Dr. Herbert will also make an appearance to show support during a special invitational lecture that Kari Kawada of IFC presents at Hyogo Medical School Graduate Program. Kari has been working with Dr. Herbert for the past 19 years, assisting hundreds of Japanese couples that traveled to the United States just so that they can be treated at Pacific Fertility Center. Her lecture is titled: Alternative Fertility Care Options Available to Japanese Patients in the United States.

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