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From Uzbekistan to America--PFC Spotlight

I emigrated from Uzbekistan to America with my parents and two daughters (Isabella and Elina) in January of 1996. It was a bittersweet experience to leave behind my home, my friends, and my profession, but I was giving my children the ability to pursue a better future. Adjusting to the change would have been a lot more difficult if it weren't for the US government organizations that helped my family financially. Also, we were lucky enough to arrive to San Francisco - the best city in the world. We all fell in love with San Francisco at first sight. At the same time we recognized that we have to work hard to be worthy residents of this beautiful city and country. Though I immensely enjoyed working as a criminal defense lawyer in Uzbekistan, I did not have the time to simultaneously get a U.S. degree in law and support my two children. Therefore, I went to study medical billing and had my first job at Complete Medical Billing. I later accepted a job at a dental office where I honed my medical billing skills further. Several years later, I joined Pacific Fertility Center, which has and continues to be an interesting and enjoyable experience with a friendly environment. Though I am merely a medical biller, I still have a lot of pride working in a company that gives families the gift of life. I have been very vocal about my job because I feel that PFC is an invaluable company and I am grateful to be a part of it. On a personal note, my daughter Isabella is working as a business analyst and has a four-year-old daughter who I love and of whom I am immensely proud. Elina has just finished her freshmen year at USF and plans to pursue employment law in the future. After living in America for eleven years, I have not come to regret my move. It has presented my children with opportunities both on a personal and academic level, has made me a stronger person, and has widened my ability to uphold Jewish holidays more openly than I was capable of doing in Uzbekistan. I look forward to many more years at PFC and appreciate the skills I have learned and the people I have met. Asya

Posted on June 12th, 2007

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