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Gina and Sridhar's 4 Joys -- Patient Odyssey

Dr. Carl Herbert. We were impressed with his compassion and appreciated his candor. He didn't pull any punches or provide false hope, which proved refreshing and uplifting. Dr. Herbert told us during our consultations that, regardless of the outcome of our infertility treatments, “we were going home to Samir” and that took a lot of the pressure off. Dr. Herbert was just one of many caring medical professionals that we dealt with along the way. We had glowing encounters with Dr. Chenette, also from the Pacific Fertility Center, as well as Dr. Laurie Green, Gina's OBGYN at CPMC. They made us feel like individuals, not a number. Our infertility treatment began with IUI cycles and Clomid which were unsuccessful. We did some basic testing but there were no explanations as to why we were not conceiving. Dr. Herbert suggested that we could try an IVF cycle, as it would address a number of factors, rather than do further testing. We decided to go for it and had success on the first try! Of the four embryos that were transferred, two implanted. Those two embryos resulted in our twins, Sanjeev and Serena, now 2.75 years old. One would think we were done, but we didn't stop there. In Feb 2006 we adopted our fourth child, Sophia (1) from the same orphanage that we adopted Samir. We love them all equally and cherish every stage of their development. It's amazing how quickly things have changed for us. We went from two corporate professionals with our hands full with meetings, presentations, and reports to two parents with our hands full with diapers, toys, and baby clothes. Our vocabulary has changed as well. The corporate jargon now has to make room for occasional baby talk. (When speaking to our children, of course.) The joys of having children cannot be understated. Whether it's “soaping up” our kids in the bathtub or reading a bed time story, the little moments are precious. They seem to grow so fast, in every way that it is hard for us to keep up with the changes, so we try to enjoy the moments as they come. This isn't to suggest that life outside of parenthood is mundane. Work is as hectic as ever but it is quite different. We no longer strive to climb the corporate ladder. I (Gina) stepped off it to stay at home and raise our children. I (Sridhar) did a complete 180 and am now the head of my own consulting practice. The beauty with this career move is the flexibility it affords in terms of raising the kids, which, as you can imagine, keeps us plenty busy. -- Gina and Sridhar

Posted on November 22nd, 2006

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