Japanese Students Visit PFC

Posted on April 3, 2014 by Inception Fertility

Last month PFC hosted a group of medical students from Japan for a lecture about the medical and scientific aspects of fertility treatment. The students also took a tour of the clinic and lab. Dr. Herbert presented on the medical treatment options we offer here at PFC as well as the new technologies we are able to offer to our patients. To the right is a picture of Dr. Herbert presenting to the group of students.

PFC's Laboratory Director, Joe Conaghan, PhD, presented on the critical role of the embryologist and the lab in fertility treatment. He also talked about the responsibilities and how to become an embryologist. The picture to the left shows Dr. Conaghan presenting to the students.

After the presentations were over, the students were given a tour of the clinic and lab. Below are a few photos of the students in the lab with Dr. Conaghan.

The students were very grateful for their time at PFC and they each sent a thank you card to express their gratitude. Below are a few exerts from their notes:

"I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your kindness and hospitality. It was nice of you to take your time to meet with us. This has been a wonderful experience for us and we obtained priceless knowledge through this visit."

"Thank you for having given us a fantastic opprotunity to visit PFC. I didn't know about infertility treatment in detail... I'll never forget this wonderful experience."

"Thank you for talking with us. I appreciate your kind hospitality. I didn't know about infertility treatment in detail until now so this opportunity was really meaningful. I would like to contribute to a declining birth rate solution in Japan."

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