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Posted on January 7, 2007 by Inception Fertility

Who am I?
Hello my name is Elizabeth Zeiter and I was born and raised right here in Northern California. I come from a family of doctors and health professionals, so naturally I had a desire to study medicine too. The summer before college I attended a National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine where I confirmed my interest in the medical field. That fall, I began my life journey on the road to become a doctor at the University of California at Davis. For two years I studied math and science. At the end of a stressful second year, I knew that I needed a break, so I decided to take a quarter off and explore my other passion. I have always been drawn to people and their cultures. My new schedule consisted of history, sociology, anthropology and international relations classes. This gave me an opportunity to learn and understand the many backgrounds and traditions of the diverse people with whom I lived with and attended classes. It was at this point that I decided to go down a different path. I received a Bachelor's degree in International Relations. My last year of college I began an internship with the American Cancer Society promoting a breast cancer early detection program with the Latina community of Yolo County. I was hired full time right out of college and worked until the grant funding ran out. I took advantage of my time off and decided to travel and explore Europe.

How I found PFC?
Back from Europe, fresh and ready to join the work force again, I began an optimistic hunt for a job. I knew that I wanted a position that would both satisfy my passion for medicine and love for humanity. So I went from job interview to job interview and no luck. I decided to temp for a while and continue to job hunt. I stumbled across a position at PFC. I did not know much about IVF, IUI and egg donors, but it sounded interesting. After meeting Dr. Ryan and Dr. Schriock, I knew that this was the place for me.

My Experience at PFC?
My experience at PFC has been very rewarding. I am surrounded by compassionate people working towards our one goal, helping patients build a healthy family. As Program Manager of the Egg Donor Agency, I have the opportunity to work with both egg donors and recipients. My position allows me to learn a great deal about medicine and technology and permits me to share my compassion for humanity with people from all over the world who desire to expand their family. Most importantly, I am at a job where I leave at the end of the day with a big smile because I have made a difference in someone's life.

On a more personal level?
If I am not at PFC, I am taking off on a new adventure somewhere around the world to places I have never been before. I also love to volunteer my time to various charities and enjoy participating in group trainings for full and half marathons that raise awareness and money for a variety of special causes.

-- Elizabeth Zeiter is Manager of Pacific Fertility Center Egg Donor Agency which is located in the same building as our fertility center. Ms. Zeiter facilitates the egg donation process for current and prospective egg donors and is readily available to answer donor and recipient questions regarding the egg donation process. She assists recipient patients with the process of choosing an egg donor, as well as coordinates communication between the Egg Donor Agency and the medical clinic.

UPDATE: Elizabeth is no longer the manager of the PFC EDA. For information on the current program director, Daragh Castaneda, click here. We wish Elizabeth luck in her all of her endeavors now that she has left the PFC family

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