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New Office Manager

- Providing a welcoming, positive environment when patients arrive for appointments and wait in the lobby.

  • Ensuring that calls from current PFC patients are answered promptly and routed appropriately.
  • Ensuring that medical records are archived and easily accessible.
  • Ensuring office and physician staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address the urgent needs of both patients and physicians.
  • Routing urgent requests from physician’s offices to the appropriate PFC staff to facilitate prompt and accurate responses.

    “During office visits, our department is the initial point of contact for patients. I believe it is important that we provide a calming atmosphere through patience and understanding,” commented Sasha. A lot of the work Sasha performs at PFC is “behind the scenes,” and not necessarily visible to outsiders. For instance, it is her primary responsibility to update physician schedules. This can be a balancing act—one must provide ample time for patient appointments all the while making time for staff meetings to discuss key issues facing the practice. The value of patient scheduling cannot be understated. Time is of the essence for fertility patients and, in many cases, the sooner they make their appointments, the better. PFC physician schedules are done well enough in advance to ensure that patients can quickly come in for appointments yet are given ample time to complete preliminary testing and obtain their medical records. For Sasha, being a member of the PFC team has proved rewarding—specifically by helping make a difference in the overall patient experience. Moreover, PFC combines the latest in reproductive technology with a warm, personal approach to patient care. This takes on added significance as many patients come to PFC after having had years of frustration and stress associated with infertility.

Posted on July 17th, 2006

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