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fertilitywire.com. PFC is proud to present fertilitywire.com as a completely unique website that offers real-time and fresh information on fertility and infertility related topics. It’s a resource for people engaged in the process of becoming pregnant through fertility treatments or people studying this field who want to explore it. And, it’s a unique resource in that it’s powered by a type of search called “browsing or universal search,” which is how we’re able to pull together all of the content for any given search term you see. You are able to see, in one place, the latest fertility related news, blogs, tweets, videos, images, articles and books. We are excited by the positive feedback we have been receiving about fertilitywire.com. Here is one testimonial that sums up the experience very well: "This website has a friendly approachable tone. It also covers so much, by the time I was done navigating, fertility issues seemed not intimidating but manageable and that there is a world that one could enter, (your center) and not be a stranger. At the same time, it seems like there is hope; if not here and now--it is being developed right around the corner." — Michael Lynn, PFC Patient Visit fertilitywire.com. We hope you find everything you are searching for!

Posted on November 19th, 2009

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