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Our Story, "All My Favorites"

We met with Peggy the PFC counselor, who was very helpful. Dr. Givens thought an egg donor was a great option for us. She said that with a transfer of two blastocysts, our chances of conceiving were about 80%. We ended up with a short list of two potential donors. One was a perfect match on paper—my height, my hair color, my eye color, with the right ethnic background. The second wasn’t such a perfect match, but I just felt a really strong connection to her. I really felt that if we met in real life we would be friends. In my mind I kept going back to something Peggy had said "pick someone you really like", it was great advice. We went with donor number two, and are very happy with our choice. Initially everything went well, but then on day three we received a phone call asking us to come in. Our embryos were looking very stressed. Most were grade three with low cell count. We transferred the best three and prayed.
On the day of our beta pregnancy test, Ann (one of the nurses at PFC) called to give us the good news. I was pregnant! Once we saw the heartbeats, we told our son Alan, "Mommy has two babies growing in her tummy," and he was thrilled. Feeling those babies kicking and squirming around inside, I had no doubt whose babies they were—I might not have provided the eggs, but my body turned those little seven or eight celled embryos into two beautiful children. The first day Alan got to meet his new brother and sister the look on his face said it all. It was love at first sight. He has made a wonderful big brother, the twins adore him, and our family now feels complete. I feel truly lucky when I look at my three wonderful children. I am very grateful to Dr. Givens and all the wonderful staff at PFC, and especially to our donor. Some people may wonder, if I love all of my children the same. They have three very different personalities, so I love them all differently; but I do love each one as much as the other. In the words of one of our favorite books, they are "all my favorites." —Submitted by Trisha (PFC patient)
Posted on August 19th, 2009

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