Pacific Fertility Egg Bank- 2nd Anniversary!

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Inception Fertility

This August marks the 2nd Anniversary of the official opening of the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank. The Pacific Fertility Egg Bank (PFEB) is the first free-standing egg bank in Northern California, and represents the culmination of highly innovative egg freezing technology (vitrification), proven success rates, and a wonderful option for patients seeking donor eggs. While PFC first started freezing donor eggs using vitrification technology in 2007, and our first baby from frozen donor eggs was born in 2008, we did not officially open the PFEB until August 2012. During those few years, we were further refining techniques in the laboratory, to be as confident as possible about success rates for our patients.

The Pacific Fertility Egg Bank grew as a vision to broaden access and options for patients wanting to start or expand their families with the use of donor eggs. In 2013, we provided 36 patients with egg thaws via the PFEB, and in 2014 we have already provided 25 patients with thaws. As the patient requests for the use of frozen donor eggs expands, we have also been able to grow the number of donors available for selection.

We opened the PFEB offering only 8 donor profiles with frozen eggs available for immediate use. Today, we have 26 donor profiles with frozen eggs available for immediate use.

All donors in the PFEB have been chosen for their desirable characteristics, and have been screened using the most up-to-date recommendations.

All patients interested in a cycle with the PFEB must have a consultation with a PFC physician, become a PFC patient and must meet medical criteria required for participation in a PFEB cycle. If one does not meet medical criteria for a cycle with the PFEB, then the option of engaging in a fresh donor cycle would be recommended. There are some scenarios whereby choosing to proceed with a fresh donor cycle is recommended (severe male factor, need for PGD/CCS, wanting extra embryos for freezing).

We are very proud of our successes over these past 2 years, and look forward to helping many more families!

•There is a small percentage of patients expected to miscarry after gestational sac is seen on ultrasound, especially in older age groups.
•These rates are a combination of both blastocyst and day 3 embryo transfers.
•Frozen donor egg cycle statistics are not reflected in SART/CDC reporting values, however, our frozen donor egg success rates are comparable with the national average for success with fresh donor egg cycles.
•A comparison of egg bank and fertility clinic success rates may not be meaningful because methodology, course of treatment and patient population are unique to the given institutions.

- Isabelle Ryan, M.D. PFC PFEB Medical Director

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