Patient Odyssey - My Wildest Dream

Posted on June 26, 2005 by Inception Fertility

Clomiphene and IUI. Conceiving my second daughter, however, proved more challenging, but was accomplished through IVF three years later. Even though I had tried IUI again and had produced many follicles, my IVF cycle revealed that the quality of my eggs was inferior. Dr. Herbert had the unhappy task of relating this distressing news to us during my embryo transfer, but he did so with tremendous grace and kindness. I have the utmost trust and confidence in Dr. Herbert and I feel blessed that he gave us the opportunity to conceive. Despite the quality of my embryos, we beat the odds and I conceived anyway. Yahoo! Ultimately my goals were met, but it was the journey through infertility that has brought light and clarity into my life. With the help of my amazing doctor and with nurses like Ann McGovern (to whom I cried countless times), the laborious process of conceiving against the odds was made easier by their warmth and encouragement. I don't know if it ever got "easier" being met with my period after each month's unsuccessful attempt, however. By far the most searing memory, beyond all the shots and ultrasounds, was news, from what seemed like every woman on the planet, of other people's pregnancies. And not only were they pregnant, but, their pregnancies were achieved unaided and on their first try. Of course! What saved me and my marriage both times was a combination of therapy, friends and family. My husband was amazing through it all and our marriage is stronger and brighter as a result. When all is said and done and both my girls are strapped in their car seats or cuddling with me on the couch, all of the infertility effort seems like a distant memory. I feel so blessed to have conquered my infertility. My wildest two dreams have been realized. -- Jennifer

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