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PFC Contributes to Embryo Research

Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) successfully participated in two multi-center research studies assessing a groundbreaking technology called Early Embryo Viability Assessment System (Eeva). The goal was to evaluate embryos to see if their development at various points in time could predict embryo quality. More than 50 PFC patients participated in these studies.

Auxogyn, Inc. selected PFC along with 4 other centers for testing its Eeva system, which may improve in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes by assisting in embryo selection. Eeva uses time-lapse video of embryos combined with unique software that analyzes embryos imaged during their earliest stages of development (from day 1 to day 3 of growth).

In the first study, the Eeva system was able to predict blastocyst (day 5) formation with 85 percent specificity, based on the day 1 to day 3 progression. Such early predictive data about embryo development has previously never been studied. It may allow clinicians to select embryos for transfer that are more likely to be viable – in other words, that are more likely to continue to develop.

“We are very excited about the potential of this technology to increase the likelihood of successful patient outcomes by providing a new tool for improving embryo selection,” said Joseph Conaghan, the PFC lab director.

For more information, check our research page for updates on Eeva and other current studies being conducted at PFC, or call our research team at 415-834-3000.

- Kirstin Dougall, Research

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