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PFC Supports Local Educational Institutions & Dr. Chenette Receives Teaching Award

Pacific Fertility Center is passionate about giving back to the community. Part of our community is the educational resources of our universities, and we are pleased to support those educational institutions.

Fertility treatment developed from a long series of research discoveries and innovations over the past 30 years. Many of these discoveries and innovations came from our own labs, and Pacific Fertility Center is truly a leader in patient care. Sharing those advances, and all that we have learned, with the new generation, helps grow that network of leadership and development.

We acquaint them with the most common fertility problems that present, and some tools to diagnose the most common clinical problems. They are uniformly awed by spending a half an hour in the embryology lab, watching the magic of eggs, sperm and early embryo development, and some of the fabulous applied technologies of ICSI, embryo testing, and vitrification. They leave here with renewed curiosity about reproductive medicine, and new insights into what it means to provide high quality medical care.

We look forward to continuing to encourage and grow the new generation of doctors!

- Philip Chenette, MD

Posted on May 11th, 2016

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