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PFC's Lab Director, Dr. Joe Conaghan, to speak at the Fertility Planit show this Sunday in NYC

PFC's Laboratory Director, Dr. Joe Conaghan, will be speaking at the Fertility Planit show this Sunday, September 15th in New York City. The talk is entitled, Eggs to Embryo: New Techniques in the IVF Lab. He will talk about his work with Auxogyn's time-lapse photo imaging of embryos.

More about the session:
Ever wonder about the journey your eggs, sperm and embryos take in the lab? Join top embryologist Dr. Joe Conaghan and fertility expert Dr. Serena Chen in a conversation with fertility author and ART advocate Fran Meadows for a discussion on new techniques helping IVF specialists select the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy success.

You can register to watch a free live stream of the event here.

Learn more about Fertility Planit here.

Posted on September 11th, 2013
Tags: PFC Lab, New Innovation, Lab Director, Time-Lapse Imaging

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