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![Fertility Resources](http://www.pacificfertilitycenter.com/fertilityflash/vol2-10/keyboard.gif)Undergoing infertility treatment can be overwhelming for some patients. The time and energy that is needed, both physically and emotionally can drain even the staunchest crusader. To cope most effectively with the stresses of infertility treatment you will need support. While friends and family will prove to be invaluable allies, there is nothing like connecting with like-minded individuals who might also be going through your very experience. Not surprisingly, the Internet offers an abundance of resources for infertility support. A Google search for "infertility support" garners 7880 hits! The topic of infertility "emotional support" nets 46,500 sites. Even narrowing the search with a specific diagnosis, such as "endometriosis support," 13,300 responses does not seem like much of an improvement. When you are feeling lonely and isolated because of your infertility the last thing you need to do is wade through thousands of sites. So, we at Pacific Fertility Center have waded through them for you. Here are some of the most helpful sites with a bit about what you might find. Many of these can be directly accessed from our website at InfertilityDoctor.com. These sites may also link you to other sites. **We would like to offer a warning about chat rooms.** [ACOG.org](http://www.acog.org/) **American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists** - Excellent patient education pamphlets, books and updates on legislation affecting women's healthcare. [theAfa.org](http://www.theafa.org/) **American Fertility Association** - Education, referrals, research, support, chat room. [ASRM.org](http://www.asrm.org/) **American Society for Reproductive Medicine** - Patient section offers fact sheets on infertility and adoption. ASRM is the nation's largest professional organization of fertility experts. [b4pregnancy.org](http://www.b4pregnancy.org/) Information and resources concerning healthy lifestyle changes in separation for pregnancy. [Childofmydreams.com](http://www.childofmydreams.com/) Resource for infertility and adoption. [DCNetwork.org](http://www.dcnetwork.org/) **The Donor Conception Network** - A British network of parents with children conceived with donated sperm, eggs or embryos, adult offspring and those contemplating or undergoing treatment. [Ferre.org](http://www.ferre.org/) **Ferre Institute** - Resource and information on medical genetics, infertility, adoption, including special sections for those of color, LGBT and other cultural issues. [Hopeforfertility.com](http://www.hopeforfertility.com/) **HOPE for Fertility** - Volunteer emotional support for fertility and adoption challenges. [Hygeia.org](http://www.hygeia.org/) **Hygeia®** - Support for Perinatal Loss and Bereavement [Mesotheliomagroup.com](http://www.mesotheliomagroup.com/understanding-cancer/) **The Mesothelioma Group** - Published a very informative guide to understanding cancer. [MissingGRACE.org](http://www.missinggrace.org/) **Missing GRACE** - International support and resources for infertility, loss, and adoption. Grieve, Restore, Arise, Commemorate & Educate. [Ovariancancer.org ](http://ovariancancer.org)**Ovarian Cancer National Alliance** - Provides support for women fighting cancer. [Protectyourfertility.org](http://www.protectyourfertility.org/) **Protect Your Fertility** - Information for women and men about infertility produced by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. [Resolve.org](http://www.resolve.org/) **RESOLVE** - National education, support and advocacy groups for infertility and adoption. Local chapters [Seronofertility.com](http://www.seronofertility.com/) and [Fertilityneighborhood.com](http://www.fertilityneighborhood.com/) Pharmaceutical company sponsored sites with informational options including news sites. [Singlemothers.org](http://www.singlemothers.org/) **Single Mothers by Choice or Chance** - Support network for single mothers with local chapters.
Posted on November 22nd, 2004

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