Salvaging Our IVF Cycle

Posted on May 10, 2007 by Inception Fertility

Leslie Leslie's journey to a successful pregnancy was a bit unconventional but contains several important messages for you, our patients. The stimulation of her ovaries during her first IVF attempt did not progress as we had hoped. There were fewer follicles and some were large and others small (follicle disparity). Had this been her final attempt on very high doses of medication, we might have proceeded on to egg retrieval. However, we felt the stimulation was suboptimal and we expected to improve this process in another cycle by changing the medication regimen. As Leslie and her husband were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, we also felt she might conceive by ovulating the few larger follicles which were present and using intrauterine insemination. Fortunately we were correct, and Leslie now has two wonderful children. These conversions from a planned IVF cycle to IUI cycle can produce pregnancies as often as 10% of the time as long as there are no other fertility factors like tubal damage or severe sperm problems and the age of the woman is not advanced (less than 38 years). Leslie's story is a good example of persistence in spite of initial disappointment, of using all the options available in the most effective manner, and of “keeping the faith”. We hope Leslie's story can be an inspiration to others who may face similar disappointments on their journey to parenthood. Carl Herbert, MD

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