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IVF & Fertility Treatment in Berkeley, CA

From the Top Fertility Doctors of Pacific Fertility Center

Do you live in Berkeley, California and are you in need of fertility care? If so, the world-renown fertility doctors of Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) are available to provide you with the precious resources and direction you need to take the first steps to building a healthy family.

Our approach to fertility care is centered on Using Innovation for Life™. As a result, we offer a broad range of infertility treatment services and programs, with the goal of turning your dreams of parenthood into a reality. With a deep commitment to quality care and pioneering innovations, Pacific Fertility Center has earned a long-standing reputation worldwide for IVF success and excellent pregnancy rates.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our website, and learn more about Pacific Fertility Center. Our dedicated staff looks forward to helping you begin your fertility journey.

IVF Treatment for Patients Living in Berkeley, CA

Regarded as one of the most advanced IVF centers in the United States, Pacific Fertility Center has performed a high volume of IVF cycles year after year, while maintaining superior results. We've worked with countless patients - from Berkeley, the entire Bay Area, and even other countries. Our team works closely with our patients to make the IVF experience as manageable as possible.

Education is one piece of this. Pacific Fertility Center takes great pride in educating our patients about the IVF process before beginning treatment. We provide a wealth of helpful information, including our IVF Tour, IVF FAQS, IVF Calendar, along with other resources needed to guide the journey to achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Directions to Pacific Fertility Center from Downtown Berkeley

  1. Head west on University Ave toward Martin Luther King Jr Way. (Drive 1.8 miles.)
  2. Take the I-80 W/I-580 E ramp to San Francisco. (Drive 0.2 mile.)
  3. Keep left at the fork and merge onto I-580 E/I-80 W. (Drive 9.1 miles.) Continue to follow I-80 W (Partial toll road)
  4. Exit onto Fremont St. (Drive 0.8 mile.)
  5. Continue onto Front St. (Drive 0.1 mile.)
  6. Turn left onto California St. (Drive 0.1 mile.)
  7. Turn right onto Sansome St. (Drive 0.8 mile.)
  8. Turn left onto Chestnut St. (Drive 472 feet.)
  9. Take the 1st right onto Montgomery St. (Drive 358 feet.)

Pacific Fertility Center
55 Francisco St #500
San Francisco, CA 94133

Additional Information for Berkeley Patients

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