Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing Cost

What is the cost to freeze my eggs?

Pacific Fertility Center uses the most advanced technology for egg freezing. Our pricing is as follows:

  • Egg Freezing (First Cycle) - $8,345 includes: clinical monitoring, egg retrieval, egg cryopreservation, and egg storage (Year 1).
  • Egg Freezing (Subsequent Cycles) - $6,995 includes: clinical monitoring, egg retrieval, and egg cryopreservation.

These fees do not include:

  • New patient consultation, including ultrasound ($375)*
  • Precycle labwork (generally covered by insurance)*
  • Egg Freezing medications ($2,000 - $6,000)
  • Ongoing tissue storage costs ($750 / year)

*Only applicable to your first cycle

Where are eggs stored?

At the time of this writing in 2018, eggs are stored in cryopreservation facilities at Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco. Storage facilities outside San Francisco are available, and we may elect to move eggs to an outside facility at some point in the future.

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