Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing FAQs

How many eggs do I need to freeze?

One study indicates that a woman under age 38 with more than 8 eggs stored has a 50 percent chance of a pregnancy using those eggs. As women age, they need more.

To optimize the chance of conception, we recommend storing:

  • 12 eggs, if you are younger than age 35
  • 20 eggs, if you are between ages 35 and 39
  • More than 20 eggs, if you are 40 or older

We do not recommend egg freezing for women 44 and older. For women 40–43, it is necessary to have good ovarian reserve—the ability to produce multiple eggs at once. Even with good ovarian reserve at age 40–43, it's best to try to achieve pregnancy right away and not wait to try later with frozen eggs.

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