Family Building for Cisgender Gay Men

Family Building for Gay Men

Family building for gay men will require IVF with the use of a gestational carrier and an egg donor. "Surrogate" or "gestational surrogate" is an older term for what we now refer to as a "gestational carrier." A gestational carrier is a woman who accepts to bear (or be pregnant with) the embryos created from the eggs of another woman. For gay men, the egg provider is either an anonymous or known egg donor. The gestational carrier provides a host uterus for the offspring, and does not contribute genetic material, i.e. is not the egg provider. Typically, the eggs donated by the donor are inseminated in the In Vitro Fertilization laboratory with the sperm of one or both of the male partners. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the gestational carrier, who has been taking hormones to shut off her own ovulation and to also prepare her uterus for receipt of the embryos.

Pacific Fertility Center will refer the prospective intended parents to a Gestational Carrier agency that assists intended parents in selecting a gestational carrier. Some intended parents may have a family member or close friend that volunteers to be a gestational carrier. We still require an agency as intermediary. There are strict guidelines that we follow to ensure that this is a safe and efficient process for all involved parties. We do not recommend loose relationships or attempts to locate potential gestational carriers online without going through a gestational carrier agency. This is an intensive process that requires exacting adherence to FDA regulations and national guidelines and should not be undertaken without significant experience and expertise.

In addition, Pacific Fertility Center is able to assist with egg donation through our own in house Egg Donor Agency. Additionally, we will also support and coordinate cycles if a patient chooses an egg donor through another agency or wishes to use a known donor.

Please see the linked pages for more information on working with Gestational Carriers and Egg Donors.