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In our continuing effort to provide the highest quality of personalized care at our fertility clinic, PFC has established Care Teams. There are many different aspects of PFC, and we hope that the formation of teams will make the process easier on our patients. We have developed the following teams at PFC to provide the best care for patients.

Physician Care Teams

Most of Pacific Fertility Center's clinical staff is organized into six Physician Care teams, one for each of our doctors and that doctor's patients. Each physician care team includes the following staff members who will become familiar with each of our patients and their specific treatment plan:

  • New Patient Coordinator
  • Clinical coordinator
  • Floor nurse
  • Medical assistant

The New Patient Coordinators work with all of our new patients. They are responsible for getting new patients scheduled for telephone or in-person appointments with a physician, helping obtain medical records for the physician consultation and advising patients about the process of becoming a PFC patient. Once a new patient has been seen and evaluated by their PFC reproductive endocrinologist and a treatment plan is made, the patient's plan is arranged and coordinated by a clinical coordinator.

The clinical coordinator will speak to the new patient by telephone or in-person, whichever is preferred by the patient. The coordinator helps to arrange for any new necessary lab tests, makes a treatment schedule and medication prescriptions and arranges for patients to come to orientation class for their particular treatment (e.g. IUI or IVF Orientation and Injection instruction). The clinical coordinator will clear the patient to enter into the treatment cycle once all the preparatory orientations are complete and any outstanding lab work is finished.

Once "in cycle" and undergoing treatment, patients will become familiar with their doctor's floor nurse and medical assistants, as these staff follow the patients closely during their treatments and during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

We have developed Physician Care Teams to limit the number of staff a patient may encounter at our fertility clinic to a much smaller core of committed staff. This way, a patient has more of a chance to get to know her/his physician's team. This will enable the patient to know who to ask for if necessary to call in and speak to a staff member. The staff members, likewise, get to know their physician's patients much better.

Procedure Area Team

For patients undergoing IVF egg retrievals, hysteroscopic surgeries or testicular extraction procedures, our dedicated and caring Procedure Area Team are there to help make patients feel more comfortable and at-ease with the process. Our team works with a limited group of very experienced anesthesiologists from our home hospital, California Pacific Medical Center, to make sure all of our patients get the finest, safest and most comfortable care for their surgical procedures.

We have received innumerable accolades from patients over the years about how our Procedure Area staff has helped to calm the pre-procedure jitters most patients experience when undergoing even minor surgeries. We pride ourselves in making sure all patients have a positive experience when they must undergo a procedure in our surgical suite.

Front Desk Team

Our dedicated Front Desk staff is there to smooth the intake and check-out process, answer any procedural questions and set up necessary appointments. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, caring and efficient reception services at our fertility clinic. Our staff tries very hard to accommodate the scheduling needs of our patients, so we can efficiently manage day-to-day appointments when patients are undergoing treatment. We also have staff dedicated to answering and triaging incoming phone calls and ensuring patients are connected to their care team nurses as quickly and efficiently as possible. By working with our electronic medical record system, we are able to access the necessary patient information rapidly to address the concerns and needs of our patients without unnecessary delays.

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