Financial Team

Pacific Fertility Center has a Financial Team which consists of two Financial Coordinators, three Billing Specialists, and one Insurance Coordinator. The Financial Team is here to provide our patients with information and the assistance they need so they understand their insurance and financial obligations during their treatment at PFC.  

Financial Coordinators

The Financial Coordinator will speak to the new patient by telephone or in-person, whichever is preferred by the patient. At that time the Financial Coordinator will discuss the cycle fees, walk through the various financial plans available, discuss the patient’s options and guide them through the process of selecting the option most appropriate for them.  

Learning about insurance coverage and properly fulfilling the various policy requirements can be confusing. The Financial Coordinators at Pacific Fertility Center are available to assist our patients in clarifying these complicated aspects of health insurance.

If a patient has IVF insurance coverage, the coordinator will contact their insurance company to verify the patient’s benefits and assist them in obtaining the maximum benefits from their coverage.

Our Financial Coordinators will continue to assist our patients with all financial and insurance matters throughout their treatment cycle(s) including reviewing the costs of any additional specialized laboratory procedures.

Billing Staff

Our billing staff is here to assist patients with any questions regarding their account. They can answer questions regarding a patient’s bill or file patient’s claims with their insurance company. They can also help with following-up on unpaid claims. For our patient’s convenience, the Billing Staff can process payments over the telephone. They are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Insurance Coordinator

We have a dedicated Insurance Coordinator who works primarily with HMO and IUI patients verifying eligibility and benefits (per patient request), as well as obtaining prior authorizations for services and medications. Our Insurance Coordinator is the liaison between patient’s and their insurance company. She is here to assist with whatever insurance questions a patient may have and will help them understand their benefits to get the most out of their insurance coverage. The Insurance Coordinator also assists in checking insurance coverage for any diagnostic testing, as ordered by the patient’s doctor, such as Hysteroscopy, Hysterosalpingogram, Saline Sonogram, Endometrial Biopsy and/or any other related medical procedures. Our Insurance Coordinator is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.