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Joseph Conaghan, PhD

Joseph Conaghan, PhD

Dr. Conaghan has over two decades of experience in human embryology and is best known for his studies on embryo culture and metabolism. He trained in Embryology and Andrology at the Hammersmith Hospital in London and graduated with a PhD in human embryology from the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at the University of London in 1994. He's a Board-Certified High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director in the disciplines of Embryology and Andrology. In 1995, Dr. Conaghan was recruited by the UCSF IVF Program as their Clinical Laboratory Director. He later moved to Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco where he has been the director since 1999. He is a strong advocate for elective single embryo transfer (eSET) in IVF, and therefore for high standards for culturing and vitrifying embryos. Dr. Conaghan ensures the highest quality of patient care with state-of-the-art-facilities and an experienced team of embryologists and is committed to continuing education for IVF lab professionals. He lives in Half Moon Bay with his wife and 3 children.

Recent publications:

Conaghan J, Chen AA, Willman SP, Ivani K, Chenette PE, Boostanfar R, Baker VL, Adamson GD, Abusief ME, Gvakharia M, Loewke KE, Shen S., Improving embryo selection using a computer-automated time-lapse image analysis test plus day 3 morphology: results from a prospective multicenter trial., Fertil Steril. (2013) 100(2):412-419

Iager AE, Kocabas AM, Otu HH, Ruppel P, Langerveld A, Schnarr P, Suarez M, Jarrett JC, Conaghan J, Rosa GJ, Fernández E, Rawlins RG, Cibelli JB, Crosby JA., Identification of a novel gene set in human cumulus cells predictive of an oocyte's pregnancy potential., Fertil Steril. 2013 Mar 1;99(3):745-752

Racowsky C, Vernon M, Mayer J, Ball GD, Behr B, Pomeroy KO, Wininger D, Gibbons W, Conaghan J, Stern JE. Standardization of grading embryo morphology. Fertil Steril (2010) 94:1152-3.

Pomeroy KO, Harris S, Conaghan J, Papadakis M, Centola G, Basuray R, Battaglia D. Storage of cryopreserved reproductive tissues: evidence that cross-contamination of infectious agents is a negligible risk. Fertil Steril (2010) 94:1181-8.

The Istanbul consensus workshop on embryo assessment: proceedings of an expert meeting, Alpha Scientists in Reproductive Medicine and ESHRE Special Interest Group of Embryology; Basak Balaban; Daniel Brison; Gloria Calderon; James Catt;

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