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FertilityAuthority Names Pacific Fertility Center's Carolyn Givens Fertility Doctor of the Month

An interactive online network for people seeking fertility information and connections, FertilityAuthority honored a Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) physician last month by naming her Fertility Doctor of the Month. Carolyn Givens, MD, treats patients with fertility challenges at PFC’s office in San Francisco, where she’s practiced the past 15 years.

With an early focus on genetics and women’s health, Dr. Givens found an intersection of these twin interests in fertility medicine. A board certified reproductive endocrinologist, she co-directs the Bay Area Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Program and directs PFC’s Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis/Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGD/PGS) Program, which she was instrumental in getting off the ground.

Some patients are at risk for having a child with a disorder due to their genetic carrier status and have benefited from pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which tests embryos for specific genetic diseases.

“It’s an area that’s going to continue to grow as we get greater understanding of the molecular genetic basis behind more diseases and as more patients get screened with multiple gene panel testing,” Dr. Givens told FertilityAuthority. This year about 65 percent of PFC’s patients will have had comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS), which she calls a “game-changer.”

Dr. Carolyn Givens summarizes PFC’s philosophy by saying, “If we try and uphold the highest ethical standards, we never go wrong. That’s been a guiding light for our practice.”

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Posted on November 7th, 2014
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