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Getting Started

Your initial appointment

This first step provides an opportunity for our patients to meet with a physician and together, discuss their personal medical history, ask questions and gain an understanding of the range of treatment options available for them.

Virtual consultation with a PFC physician

If a prospective patient lives out of town or if they are still considering whether fertility treatment is the right course for them, a phone consultation provides a good overview as well as options for next steps.

Request a Telephone Consult

This is a 30 minute consultation in which they will discuss the following with a PFC physician:

  • Medical records and personal health history
  • Fertility evaluation and treatment and any questions or concerns they may have
  • Possible treatment options

In office visit with a PFC physician

An in-office consultation is an opportunity to see our clinic and meet face to face with our staff. An initial visit may include a physical exam and ultrasound. A physician may also prescribe medication or arrange for further fertility evaluation.

Request a Office Visit

During this appointment, the prospective patient will meet with one of our physicians and together:

  • Review their medical records and personal medical history
  • Discuss fertility evaluation and treatment and any questions or concerns they may have
  • Review possible treatment options

Learn more about fertility evaluation and diagnosis.

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