Materials Request

We are happy to provide referring physicians with the below complimentary materials. Please call our New Patient Coordinators at 415-834-3095 or email us to order materials or learn more.

Infertility Newsletter – Fertility Flash (Email Subscribe)Stay on top of the latest advancements and issues in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART), with Fertility Flash, PFC’s free newsletter. Both physicians and patients alike find our newsletter insightful for its informative content.

Monthly Infertility Seminar Flyers. These hand-outs provide registration information for PFC’s free monthly seminar, “Overcoming Infertility: The Next Step to Parenthood.” Additionally, they provide a synopsis of seminar discussion topics. 

Age and Fertility. This educational handout provides an overview of age & fertility.

New Patient Coordinator Business Cards. When you refer patients to PFC, they should first call our New Patient Coordinators (NPCs). NPCs schedule initial patient appointments and answer initial questions. NPC business cards contain phone, fax, and e-mail info. They can be discretely stored in a patient’s purse and/or wallet. 

Egg Donation Brochure. This sleek brochure highlights our egg donation services. For some patients dealing with infertility, egg donation is a fantastic family building option.

Pacific Fertility Center Brochure. Learn more about our practice with this comprehensive brochure that highlights our infertility treatments.