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Past Studies at PFC

We are "early adopters" of new technologies, if we strongly believe that they appear promising, and if there are good randomized, controlled studies that prove they provide a benefit. Below are some examples of past studies in which PFC participated.

Follistim Pen

PFC was one of the initial study sites for FDA approval of the Follistim Pen, an FSH medication delivery device that today has made fertility drug administration much easier and comfortable for patients and is now widely used for ovarian stimulation.

Embryo Vitrification

In 2007 we moved forward with egg and embryo vitrification (freezing technique) at a time when the technology was new and few laboratories had adopted the process. Vitrification has been extremely successful for our patients in the 3 years it has been in use.

Vitamin D Study

This internal investigation explored Vitamin D deficiency in infertility patients and received the award for best research for a practicing physician at the 2012 Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS) Annual Meeting.

The Auxogyn Eeva Study

PFC was selected by Auxogyn as one of five sites in a multicenter clinical study. The goal was to demonstrate that the Eeva System may be used to identify embryos at cleavage stage (Day 3) that are most likely to form blastocysts (Day 5).

The Auxogyn Continued Access Study

PFC was selected by Auxogyn as one of three sites in a multicenter clinical study. This study evaluated the use of the Eeva non-invasive early embryo viability assessment system by IVF laboratory staff during routine procedures and embryo selection.

Natera Pre-Natal Study

The goal of the study was to develop a non-invasive prenatal blood test that can diagnose chromosome abnormalities based on fetal DNA found in a mother's blood during pregnancy. If successful, this would reduce the need for invasive procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling but still enable women to find out accurate information regarding their baby's health early in pregnancy.


Effectiveness and Safety Research Study of a Single Injection of Investigational Drug compared to Daily recFSH Injections in Women Undergoing Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (PURSUE)

Merck Pharmaceuticals (also manufacturers of the Follistim Pen) selected Pacific Fertility Center as one of about 35 study sites located in the United States to participate in this investigational drug trial in the largest multi-center IVF trial ever undertaken.

Cumulus Cell Study

Gene Expression in Cumulus Cells and Correlation with Pregnancy Outcome in Women.

Pacific Fertility Center was one of several fertility clinics worldwide selected to participate in this study in collaboration with one of the world's leading scientists in reproductive technologies at Michigan State University.

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