Egg Donation Program

Using Donor Eggs from the PFC Egg Donor Agency Database

Egg donation represents a remarkable advance in fertility treatment for women who cannot conceive a child with their own eggs. Good candidates for egg donation programs include women who have undergone premature menopause, have significant decreased ovarian reserve, who are older than 43 and/or women who have had a number of unsuccessful attempts at IVF using their own eggs.

While for most women and couples, ovum donation is not their first choice, we find that virtually all patients bond strongly with their donor egg babies and feel very complete when creating a family through egg donation. For patients that may not be certain they want to go in this direction, we encourage and support psychological counseling with our Marriage and Family Therapist, Peggy Orlin. Sometimes certain insights can help women and couples make the choice as to whether an egg donation program is the right option for them and their family.

At Pacific Fertility Center, egg donors in our database are carefully screened and we maintain strict adherence to privacy and anonymity agreements. Both the donor and the recipient or gestational carrier are closely monitored throughout the egg donor program, from start to finish.

To read about the stages of IVF using donor eggs, please read Become a Parent Through Egg Donation.

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