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Take the first baby step with the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank

Welcome to the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank, located in Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. You have made an important step towards creating your family. Our frozen donor egg program brings together the expertise of the egg bank team, the Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) physician team, and the Pacific Fertility Center Egg Donor Agency.

We're dedicated to helping you realize your dreams with meticulous screening, pioneering physicians, cutting-edge technology, and a guarantee of two embryos. Unlike frozen donor egg banks that ship eggs to other locations, we walk patients seamlessly through each step-right here at one site.

Our egg bank is conveniently located within close proximity to the San Francisco and Oakland International Airports. Local patients from Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto and Marin County will also find our center within close reach.

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Using frozen eggs provides:

Our Premier donors have:

  • Passed extensive medical, genetic, and psychological screening
  • Provided detailed profile information and multiple photos
  • Been screened by a Certified Genetic Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and PFC Physician

Our laboratory success guarantees:

  • Proven technology for egg freezing and thawing
  • A track record of babies born via egg freezing
  • The highest laboratory security and quality control

Our doctors:

  • Have more than 100 collective years of IVF experience
  • Use proven protocols for stimulation
  • Are pioneers in the development of egg freezing techniques

Ready? Let's Connect.

We're here to go at your pace and answer any questions you have. Get in touch when you're ready. We'll be right here.

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