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Is cupping likely to help Jennifer Aniston with fertility?

Not likely

Cupping, like acupuncture, is often referred to as “complementary” treatment for infertility. Although these forms of therapy have often been in existence for many years, they were developed before many of the modern medical discoveries regarding infertility had been made. There are a number of published studies looking at acupuncture therapy, some of which appear to show benefit, but others which do not. There are, however, no quality published studies on the benefit of “cupping” for infertility treatment. Similarly, there is no scientific or medical data about the “removal of toxins” as is speculated to occur during “cupping”, nor any change in blood flow or circulation. The human egg is quite protected from the effects of tolerable circulating toxins as one can easily see as you look at the pregnancy rates in what we would consider some of the most environmentally toxic areas of the world.

The desire to conceive “naturally” is a common one, but an infertile patient should never by-pass the many fabulous diagnostic and therapeutic options which modern medicine has to offer. At age 44 it is estimated that at best only 1 in 25 eggs remaining in the ovaries is capable of producing a successful pregnancy. Because a woman only ovulates one egg each month, the odds of that egg being successful are quite low. There are several techniques which allow multiple eggs to be available for fertilization each month and thus increase the odds of a conception. With Complete Chromosomal Screening (CCS) we can even determine if the early embryos which are created from these eggs are genetically normal and thus increase pregnancy rates and decrease miscarriage rates. I am one of Jennifer Anniston’s biggest fans and want the very best for her. I hope she is exploring the many benefits which modern infertility care has to offer as well as these “complementary” therapies which remain attractive in their simplicity but are also unproven.

Carl Herbert, MD

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