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Maryland's Infertility Coverage for Same-Sex Couples

In California, unmarried and gay couples are ensured the same access to insurance coverage for fertility treatment, thanks to a bill signed into law in 2013.1

One of 15 states mandating infertility coverage,2 Maryland now appears to be following suit. A measure recently passed by both branches of state government3 removes an important restriction: The state had limited insurance coverage for IVF procedures to those using the husband’s sperm only—once again, a nonstarter for same-sex couples.

To qualify for the benefits, lesbians must go through six rounds of unsuccessful artificial insemination and show an underlying medical condition hindering successful pregnancy. The bill is awaiting the governor’s signature to become law.

Although insurance coverage is beyond PFC’s purview, we’re proud to have long been at the forefront of service to the LGBTQ community. To build a family, same-sex couples need the help of sperm or egg donors or gestational carriers and assisted reproductive technology (ART)—and we’re here to help.

Family building for gay men requires in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the use of a gestational carrier and egg donor, requiring an agency as intermediary and adhering closely to FDA regulations and national guidelines. Family building for lesbians may include intrauterine insemination or IVF with one partner providing the eggs and the other gestating the pregnancy (IVF co-maternity) or one partner providing eggs and carrying the pregnancy. Although more rare, we have also had opportunities to help transgender individuals achieve conception.

Straight or gay, insurance coverage for fertility treatments is a complicated topic. You can learn more from this post on Understanding Insurance Coverage for Fertility Costs.


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