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Posted on October 3, 2013 by Inception Fertility

On September 26 and 27, Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) was featured prominently in two San Francisco Business Times articles on egg freezing and fertility preservation. The two-part series—“Buying the time for a baby” and “The costs of buying more time for a baby”—highlighted the story of a PFC patient and included interviews with PFC’s laboratory director, Joseph Conaghan, PhD, and PFC partner, Eldon D. Schriock, MD.

The cover story described the typical steps, costs, and emotional decision-making process involved in extracting and storing eggs, as well as the sense of control and peace of mind gained for women by doing so. As discussed in the article, there’s been an explosion in egg freezing recently—largely due to advances in technology and to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s decision last fall to lift the “experimental” label from the procedure. Previously, the organization sanctioned egg freezing mainly for women about to undergo medical procedures that affected their fertility, such as cancer treatment.

The second article also addressed the quandary many aging women have faced as their egg quality and quantity diminish. In the past, women were plagued by a deafening biological clock while pursuing a career or seeking a seemingly elusive partner. Now, more and more women are coming to view egg freezing as an insurance policy that gives them some measure of control over their future fertility.

A pioneer in infertility treatment, the Pacific Fertility Center offered its wide-ranging expertise for the San Francisco Business Times articles. For example, PFC’s laboratory was one of the first to offer vitrification, an advanced and reliable technology for “freezing” eggs. PFC has proven successful birth rates with embryos derived from "frozen" eggs, although its Fertility Preservation Program is too young to confirm the effectiveness in women over age 40. PFC also has one of the largest egg donor programs in the country, opening the first freestanding egg bank in Northern California last year.

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