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Pacific Fertility Center joins Prelude Fertility Network

From a clinical perspective, patients will receive the same high-quality, patient-centric fertility care they always have, from the same group of highly qualified physicians. We will continue to emphasize the risk-reduction strategies that have defined our program for years, namely genetic screening of embryos, and elective single embryo transfers. We also will continue to provide all options of fertility planning including egg freezing and embryo banking. Lastly, we will be able to continue to grow our Egg Donor Programs including the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank.

The changes we do anticipate making in the near future are all focused on making our patients’ lives easier by, amongst other things, offering payment plans, reducing the cost of medications, and opening satellite locations for more convenient access to services.

"We recognize that people seeking fertility services can go to many different centers for treatment. But, like Prelude, we've differentiated ourselves to date with a proven focus on the patient's individual needs, fertility innovation, and a positive experience from beginning to end," said Dr. Eldon Schriock of Pacific Fertility Center. "As part of the Prelude Network we can have an even bigger impact on the future of fertility care. Together, we'll help people achieve their dream of having a healthy child when they are ready."

Along with PFC, the Prelude Network includes Reproductive Biology Associates of Atlanta, My Egg Bank North America - the nation’s largest donor egg bank, and the Vivere Health clinics.

Posted on December 14th, 2017
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